What is Drumcook ?
New concept, multirole cooker - Drumcook®

“Drumcook®” is cooking a variety of cuisines easily and pleasurably with merits of Barbeque grill, Steam Oven and Airfryer by auto rotating drum grill. This is world’s first developed tasty and healthy food cooker and patented in 2014.

From now on, you don’t need to watch the cooking all the time, because auto-rotating drum grill turns and mix the food by itself. Just enjoy your meals !

WHY DRUMCOOK ? - Comprison with other cookers
No Function Drumcook Air fryer Electric grill
1 Consumption Power 750W 1500W 1500~2000W
2 Capacity 2,000g 800g 600~1500g
3 Warm-up No Need Required Required
4 Noise None 65~70db None
5 Turn over Automatically turn over Manually turn over Manually turn over
6 Smell almost smell-less almost smell-less smells strong
7 Smoke smokeless almost smokeless smoky
8 Sputtering oil None None Oil sputtered
9 Food water Keeps water and moist food moistless moistless
10 Temperature control No Need Need to set up
11 Timer Max 60 min. Equipped
12 Way of cooking direct fired + steam oven hot air direct fired
13 Cleaning separable drum grill
+ cleaning inside
Impossible to clean inside Possible
14 Add food while cooking No problem Possible Possible
No Function Drumcook Air fryer Electric grill
(Need to turn over)
2 Chicken
(Need to turn over)
3 Fry without Oil X
4 Frozen food
(no need to defrost)

(no need to defrost)

(cook after defrosting)
5 Stir-fry X
6 Coffee roasting X X